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Intuitive Energetic Healing

I connect intuitively with you and guidance to facilitate sending healing energy where it is needed. These healing sessions can be done distantly or in-person. If in-person it can be done along with a massage if desired.  

A session can help you gain insight and information into what is going on in your life at this time. Changing the energy around a situation can help change the situation for the better.

 The cost for the Intuitive Energetic Healing session is $80.00

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Transformation and guidance


I have been doing massage therapy as one of the techniques in my healing practice since 1990. I have a home based office setting for this with a room devoted solely for my healing work. There are no interruptions and the space is quiet and relaxing. I do a deep tissue style of massage that can be adjusted to your tolerance. This style of massage works great for relaxation and stress relief as well as for areas that need deep intense work. 

Below you will find suggested appointment times for some of the massage therapy that I offer. If you don't see what you are looking for here just let me know what your massage needs are when you call or email.

1. Full body massage with deep tissue technique and extra time spent on your problem areas such as back and neck - (75 or 90 minute appointment)

2. Back, shoulders and neck massage -  problem areas for many people. I use deep tissue massage focused on this area and add a foot massage to complete it - (60 minute appointment)

3. General stress relief relaxation full body massage - (60 minute appointment)

Below are the appointment time periods and cost for each.

1. 30 minute appointment is $40.00.

2. 60 minute appointment is $60.00.

3. 75 minute appointment is $75.00.

4. 90 minute appointment is $90.00.

Intuitive Energetic Healing

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